Welcome to Cookaburra

hunter_avlleyThank you for dropping by,

I”m here for my love of food and being surrounded by people who share that same mania ! I grew up in the Hunter Valley NSW, back then the valley was known more for mining then tourism, but how things have changed! Mining is still a big part of the Hunter  and the history will always be retained as it should, but it is the surrounding villages of Pokolbin and Broke where the wine and food journey starts.

Over time I will talk more about the Hunter and share with you my favourite haunts, but for now I would like to acquaint you with Cookaburra.

The ‘Supermarket Dash’ and ‘Eating In’ are the first two categories to be posted with many more to follow, as you will see some of the recipes have more ingredients than others and might take a little longer to prepare,so I suggest you cook to what suits your time frame on the day.But over all the recipes are easy to cook and have all the zesty flavours that I love!

There are two categories outside of the recipes that I would like you to become familiar with, ‘Kitchen Notes’ which is about products I’ve found and like to use. Together with ‘Bird on a Wire’ which is where I like to talk about cooking, life, friends and family. Not too much of this will be serious because I want the time you spend on Cookuburra to be some light hearted pleasure !

This is where I say my first thank you …. My web designer Greg the most patient man I know ! I am not computer savvy and I know he is becoming familiar with the “deathly” blank stare on my face when he is trying to explain something that he has already explained x3, then there are the questions I ask him when he has already answered them x4.

I have a vision of Greg going home after a meeting, pouring a straight scotch and sitting in the corner rocking backward and forward !! Having said that he is a good egg and I appreciate what he has done for me !