A Change of Seasons

root vegMonths just seem to roll by so quickly to create another season! A change of season is not only about escaping the air conditioner of summer or biding time waiting for the crackling of winter,Its also about leaving behind the hiss of steaks and snags on the barbie and welcoming the heavenly infused flavours of winter.

I enjoy going out for dinner, but even more so when chefs are inspired by seasonal produce,utilising a seasonal approach is all about produce that is at it’s peak in both harvest and flavour. This approach should also be taken into account for the home cook, for us it is about keeping it simple, and understanding how just a handful of key ingredients and fresh seasonal produce can turn a home cooked meal into something special.

Consumers are often unsure which fruit and vegetables are in season, because of the vast amount of produce on the supermarket shelves, this is where a trip to your local farmers market or the local fruit and veg shop will  give you a good idea of what to eat right now. Below I have put together a list of winter fruit and vegetables to get you started.

Asian greens – bok choy & choy sum

Beetroot – Broccoli – Brussel sprouts – Cabbage – Carrots – Cauliflower – Celeric – Celery –  Fennel – Garlic/Ginger

Horseradish – Jerusalem artichokes – Kale – Leek –  Okra – Olives – Onions – Parsnip – Peas – Potato – Pumpkin

Daikon radish – Shallots – Spinich – Silverbeet –  Swedes –  Sweet potato – Turnips

Fruit , Herbs and Nuts

Avocados – Apples – Cumquats – Dates –  Grapefruit – Kiwifruit –  Lemons – Limes – Mandarins – Naval oranges – Pears (nashi) – Quinces – Rhubarb – Tangelos – Tangerines –


Bay leaf – Chives – Coriander –  Marjoram – Mint – Oregano – Parsley – Rosemary – Sage



Chestnuts – Hazelnuts – Walnuts