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Chinatown Chicken

This marinade also goes back well with pork! Serve with barbecued sweet potato and green salad or Asian-style vegetable salad.

Lamb Pie with Feta Mash

I love a boozy pot pie! I had mine with beef, as lamb is my mortal enemy and it tasted wonderful. The only tip I have is not to buy pre-crumbled feta, as like all cheeses that are pre-grated/shredded they can loose a lot of flavour.

Spanish Style Seafood Stew

When we think of a stew we think of winter but this dish covers all seasons, I used prawns and fish but you can also add mussels.
So make sure you have fresh crusty bread for the finale,as this dish requires serious mopping.

Hoisin and Star Anise Beef Cheeks

Whether you braise beef cheeks in red wine or choose to follow this recipe the end result is the same .. divine! With long slow cooking beef cheeks become infused with glorious flavour, and so tender you could cut them with a spoon.

Spiced Chicken with Baked Spanish Vegetables

Every time I cook this dish it brings to light my love affair with Spanish food!
It has everything I love on a plate – zest,smokiness,crunch and when paired
with a Spanish wine I have nothing more to say then, Ole!

Barbeque Chicken with Honey Mustard Vegetables

I consider honey mustard chicken part of the family! My youngest daughter was a “selective” eater but when I served her this dish she didn’t eat it she inhaled it, so I new I was on a winner. These vegetables are also good served for Christmas Lunch as they taste amazing along side glazed ham and pork.