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Smoked Salmon with Capers and Lemon

Easy and delicious!

Linguine with Veal, Capers and Roasted Tomato Sauce.

Roasting the tomatoes for this recipe is well worth the effort! Promise me you will try it and I promise you, you will find it hard to go back to canned tomatoes.

Italian Baked Chicken


Salmon Patties with Lime Chilli Dressing

This simple salad goes back so well with the salmon patties, it really is a funky little dish!

Provencal Salad

I often make this salad for lunch when I don’t feel like a sandwich, and it is great to put into a container for work, just remember not to dress the salad until your ready to eat! You can also have this salad with canned tuna or grilled chicken . Check what herbs you have in the fridge as this salad can also take coriander,basil, dill or oregano.