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Spiced Fish with Basmati Rice.

This dish is so simple to prepare my daughter the “starving artist” tells me she “whips this dish weekly!”… Mmmm?

Hoisin and Star Anise Beef Cheeks

Whether you braise beef cheeks in red wine or choose to follow this recipe the end result is the same .. divine! With long slow cooking beef cheeks become infused with glorious flavour, and so tender you could cut them with a spoon.

Pork and Pineapple Red Curry

The secret to a good curry is to let the flavours party in the pan before you add the liquid, more importantly do not add more curry paste after you have added the liquid.Curry paste has to be cooked down, you know how much heat your taste buds like so adjust accordingly at this stage.Remember the sauce is the star so as your cooking you might feel it needs more lime, sugar or fish sauce etc so taste, taste, taste!!