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Pumpkin and Chickpea Soup

Yum in a bowl !

Thai-Style Vegetarian Soup

This recipe goes well with grilled tofu or grilled green prawns that have been marinated in garlic and oil, and added in the last 10 minutes of cooking.

Egg Noodles with Mixed Vegetables

Easy Bowl Food!

Rigatoni with Pinenut and Pancetta Meatballs

Perfect for a midweek family meal !

Italian Baked Chicken


Cottage Pie with Garlic and Rosemary Mash

Cottage Pie is total comfort….enjoy!

Roast Vegetables, Brown Rice and Haloumi Salad

The nuttiness of the brown rice works well with the sweetness of the roasted vegetables. This is a great “Meat Free Monday” dish but if thats not your scene just grab a barbeque chicken.. easily done!

Spiced Chicken with Fennel and Sweet Potato Mash

Ah… Sweet potato… be still my beating heart! It can take any dish to another level which it certainly does here.

Crumbed Fish with Italian Tomato Salsa

I used Mulloway fish for this recipe, also known as Jewfish it goes back well with the tomato salsa as it is a mild tasting fish. Excuse the pun, but once you eat Mulloway you will be hooked! Alternatives are Bream or Barramundi. I always buy the tail end as there are very few, if any, bones.

Five Spice Beef and Noodles

Chinese 5-spice powder rules! It is a combination of star anise, cloves,cinnamon a little szechwan pepper and fennel. A friend of mine makes a paste of olive oil and 5 spice then brushes it over chicken breasts and serves it with a salad, or a whole chicken and serves Asian vegetables… too easy!

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