Ingredient Archive: ground cumin

Pumpkin and Chickpea Soup

Yum in a bowl !

Spiced Fish with Basmati Rice.

This dish is so simple to prepare my daughter the “starving artist” tells me she “whips this dish weekly!”… Mmmm?

Quinoa, Chickpea and Herb Salad with Spiced Lamb.

This is one of those incredibly simple recipes, with a whole lot of flavour…enjoy!

Crumbed Fish with Italian Tomato Salsa

I used Mulloway fish for this recipe, also known as Jewfish it goes back well with the tomato salsa as it is a mild tasting fish. Excuse the pun, but once you eat Mulloway you will be hooked! Alternatives are Bream or Barramundi. I always buy the tail end as there are very few, if any, bones.

Pita Dippers

These pita dippers take any dip you make to another dimension!

Spiced Chicken with Baked Spanish Vegetables

Every time I cook this dish it brings to light my love affair with Spanish food!
It has everything I love on a plate – zest,smokiness,crunch and when paired
with a Spanish wine I have nothing more to say then, Ole!