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Spiced Fish with Basmati Rice.

This dish is so simple to prepare my daughter the “starving artist” tells me she “whips this dish weekly!”… Mmmm?

Salmon with Soba Noodles and Soy Beans

Salmon (with skin on, of course) is one of my favourite seafood dishes, and when it is paired with its great mate soba life doesn’t get much better! I have used Edamame Soybean Pods in this recipe, these delightful little morsels are harvested when young and are a major source of protein.You will find them in the frozen aisle of the Supermarket, I bought mine from Coles, but if you can’t find them use Broad Beans. If seafood is not your thing then omit the salmon and toss your favourite vegetables through the soba noodles.

Hoisin and Star Anise Beef Cheeks

Whether you braise beef cheeks in red wine or choose to follow this recipe the end result is the same .. divine! With long slow cooking beef cheeks become infused with glorious flavour, and so tender you could cut them with a spoon.